Let's Get Kreative : inside Kohl Kreatives

A new kreative journey!
Kohl Kares is where the heart of Kohl Kreatives lies. It's basically the best thing about what I do, and the main reason why. With Kohl Kares we're able to help a variety of men and women recreate features that they have lost with the help and power of makeup.

I do admit skincare is key, and no makeup is good for you, and you will hear me say that all the time. Although, it is a very powerful tool, everything in moderation! While, everyone is all for embracing differences as am I, but sometimes it is nice to explore a new way to enhance yourself.

I am super delighted to launch our brand new makeup brush range, The Shapes Collection.
The seven brushes, are changing the way we apply makeup, you now are buying a brush that fits your face, your needs, and your products!

I bet you're dying to see what they look like so click here. What are you waiting for?

Team KK

trishna daswaney