The Flex Collection

The Flex Collection


At Kohl Kreatives we are constantly working on ways to give you the power when applying your makeup. Use any of these brushes absolutely anywhere, in the products of your choice. 

This time around our brushes are flexible to provide you with the most comfortable application. Don’t forget! - our brushes stand all by themselves, have an easy grip too & are created with a super-soft vegan fibre designed to give you an airbrushed finish.

Let your imagination run wild with this set consisting of the large and small triangles, large square, small circle, and diamond brushes.

Proceeds from our brush sales go towards Kohl Kares, our charity empowering people through the power of make-up. Follow our stories on social media with the #myarmour

If you suffer from a motor disability or disease do get in touch - we have some fun makeup tutorials designed to make your application just that extra bit flawless.

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