Our mission at Kohl Kreatives is to help both men and women recreate features cosmetically. We also provide free workshops internationally for those in need of our services. Our aim is to bring the basics back to beauty for men and women, so they can feel good about themselves on a daily basis; we teach them simple techniques to improve their self-esteem and help them reintegrate into society.

 Primarily, we cater to individuals transitioning from one gender to another, as well as those undergoing chemotherapy. Additionally we offer support for existing conditions, such as: trichotillomania, alopecia, vitiligo and port wine birthmarks. We also work towards helping individuals with severe scarring or burns, as a result of accidents.


Transgender Support 

We offer a variety of services from basic skin care tutorials for pre and post HRT skin, as well as makeup basic tips and tricks and facial feminisation and masculinisation. For all enquiries drop us a message we would love to help you in anyway we can


#myarmour campaign 

The #myarmour campaign is all about using makeup as an armour. We believe that makeup has the power to empower every individual. Use that lippie to slay!

Drop us a message to find out more, or to simply book in!

Cancer Care

We work closely with a network of cancer support groups across the country as well as internationally to provide free workshops covering all the basics of brows, lashes and skin sensitivity.