Ei8ht Brush on Birchbox

Ei8ht Brush on Birchbox


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The number eight in Chinese is lucky! - it means to prosper, and we hope that this brush does just that for you.

A non-rolling brush so you’re never unlucky enough to have it end up on the floor. The perfect brush for your 8am concealer, and your 8pm smokey eye. Flip the eight on the side and it turns into infinity, there are infinite ways to use this brush and we can’t wait for you to discover them all!

A synthetic fibre, with a multi use technology, go from your concealer to eyeshadow to highlighter and back again. The brush promises to use all the product you place on it, allowing you to use for one brush for everything without the risk of cross contamination.

The ei8ht brush is also made out of consumer recyclables, we collect your old recycled plastics and make them into new brushes!

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